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Greenview Farms currently consists of 11,700 cash rented acres and 1,800 custom farmed acres.  We are in a corn/soybean rotation.  Approximately 50% of our acres are corn and 50% are soybeans.  Our farm consists of two profit centers: corn and soybeans.  The custom farming is also corn and soybeans, which allows us to lower our per acre equipment cost.  We currently farm land in the Iowa counties of Clinton, Cedar, Jackson, Jones, Muscatine and Scott.  We rent land from 70 owners.

The business is a general partnership.  Kevin and Lori have included their adult children Katie and Adam in the partnership along with Kevin’s brother, Keith.  We have an office in DeWitt and a farm headquarters shop located just west of Grand Mound along Highway 30. Everyone helps in the fields during planting and harvesting seasons. Kevin handles strategic planning, financial management and marketing.  In 2015, Lori retired from keeping office hours and Amanda Willimack was hired to manage the bookkeeping, landowner relations, and other office operations. Keith oversees agriculture technology and the custom seed production.   Mike Flammang is our shop foreman and machinery specialist. Duane Gannon is highly skilled in getting any task at hand accomplished and helps train our seasonal help.  ​Seasonally, Greenview Farms relies on experienced part-time employees.  BJ Yaddof and Brad Dalldorf are important to our operation to get the work done well and timely, especially during the busiest times.  We appreciate their dedication as well as all the others who aid Greenview Farms in achieving our operational goals. 

Our farm utilizes the latest technology in production agriculture.  We operate a complete line of modern large machinery.  This includes a 24-row high speed corn planter and two 24-row split row planters and three combines with 12-row corn heads and 40-foot bean draper heads. All of our tractors and combines use R.T.K. auto steer and record their activities including seed variety, planting population, and harvested yield on a real-time site specific map. We G.P.S. grid test all of our fields, and we variable-rate apply fertilizer, lime and seed.

Our farm remains a leader in production agriculture.  In 1996 our farm was named the Best Managed Farm in the United States by Farm Futures magazine.  In 2004 we received the second place “Top Producer of the Year” award presented by Top Producer magazine and Farm Journal media.  We maintain a competitive edge and plan for sustained profitable growth.


2021 - 2022  Farming 13,000-14,000 acres. Updated to most technically advanced equipment.  Locked in inputs early to get ahead of                           inflation. 

2018 - 2020   Farmed 13,000 - 14,000 acres.  In 2018, a  new shop building was constructed for Greenview to rent and will serve as an                          operations headquarters. 

2014 - 2017  Farmed 12,800  - 13,000 acres.  Reducing costs to reflect downtrending commodity markets.

2009 - 2013  Farmed 12,200 – 12,800 acres.  Purchased all planters with central-fill bulk seed capacity and automatic row shut-offs                               utilizing RTK accuracy.

    Farmed 12,000-12,100 acres.  Emphasized commodity marketing to capture profits from volatile corn/bean prices.

2005-2006    Farmed 11,000-11,900 acres.  All tractors and combines now have auto-steer.

 2003-2004    Farmed 9900-10,500 acres.  Formed a General Partnership as part of business goals.   Awarded national runner-up Top                            Producer of the Year.

2001-2002    Farmed 7800-8500 acres. Produced record high corn yields in 2002.  Participated in the I. S. A.  Financial Standards pilot                           program.

1999-2000   Farmed 5100-6000 acres.  Purchased a 36’ no-till air drill with a 270 bushel seed cart.  Named an All-Star Farm by                                      Wallaces Farmer Magazine.

1997-1998    Farmed 3980-4050 acres.  Added full-time Crop Specialist. Purchased second combine to achieve premium for early                                 harvested crops. 

1993-1996  Farmed 2500-3000 acres. Purchased 24 row planter and moved our office into DeWitt.  “Grand Prize Winners” in Farm                             Futures 1995 Best Managed Farms Contest.

1991-1992    Farmed 2150-2400 acres. Purchased no-till soybean drill to improve soil conservation and field efficiency.

1989-1990    Farmed 1325-1650 acres.  Hired Assistant Manager and purchased a 12 row planter to stay timely and efficient.

   Farmed 940-1060 acres.  Added rented acres after extensive budgeting at Purdue University’s Top Farmer Crop                                         Workshop.

1982-1984    Farmed 460-525 acres.  Purchased 20 acres to serve as our operation base.  Switched to grain farming.

1976-1981    Farmed 160-260 acres. Began farming on a rented farm that included a labor intensive livestock operation.  Built sow                               herd to 120 head..